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NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) makes products and environments safer, more sustainable, and more secure with innovative connectivity and edge processing solutions for a smarter world. We are in the business of better. Not just better technologies, but better innovations to improve society. As the world leader in secure connectivity and processing solutions for embedded applications, NXP is solving the world’s most complex technology challenges to accelerate business innovation, enhance how we work, and advance how we live. A global semiconductor company with operations in more than 30 countries, over 31.000 employees and a revenue of over $11 billion.

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Department & Project
The Automotive System Innovations (ASI) department is part of the Chief Technology Office of NXP Semiconductors. We drive innovation on system level for the Automotive businesses in applications like highly automated and safe driving, audio, radar systems, in-vehicle networking, artificial intelligence, battery management systems, as well as mobile robotics. In particular, the In-Vehicle Architecture team researches and builds innovative virtual and physical system prototypes for the identification, exploration, and development of system innovations in the areas of vehicle networking, service-oriented software architectures and software-defined networking, and software-defined vehicles.

Job Summary

  • Develop and bring up proof-of-concept analysis and measurement setups:
  • Gather their requirements and prepare proof-of-concept systems for detailed analysis
  • Use lab equipment to measure relevant system, network and product metrics
  • Hardware/Software integration:
  • Integration of hardware and software into proof-of-concept, distributed system setups for measurements and analysis
  • Modify the distributed system when and where needed for dedicated investigations and test scenarios
  • Microcontroller and Linux-based microprocessor software development:
  • Compilation of source code using among others GNU tools, cmake, Yocto-based Automotive Linux BSP build system, S32 Design Studio
  • Debugging, tracing, analysis and testing using among other GNU tools, JTAG debuggers and trace equipment


Job Qualifications

• BSc, MSc or PhD in a technical specialism, like Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
• More than 5 years of professional experience in industry or academia
• Excellent communication skills in English (verbal /written)
• Experience in working in/with multi-site and multi-cultural projects.
• Experience with setting up measurement and analysis setups using various lab equipment, such as traffic generators and traffic/logic analyzers
• Expertise in application and bare-metal programming using C, C++ and Python, IDEs, SDKs, libraries and design patterns
• Broad experience with embedded software architectures, build systems, cross-compilation toolchains for ARM, containers, version control, and CI/CD
• Knowledge of communication networking protocols and standards

Soft skills:

• Excellent communication skills in English (verbal /written)
• Experience in working in/with multi-site and multi-cultural projects/teams

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